Warm turquoise waters, endless sunshine, coral reefs, 30 metres of visibility, 2,000 species of marine life living in the corals within ring-shaped atolls. This is the Maldives, but words fall short of describing what you experience when you step into a world so perfect…


Lying on the western coast, Goa is India’s smallest state and unlike any other, known for its endless beaches, stellar nightlife, eclectic seafood and world-heritage listed architectures. Spread across just 3,702 km, Goa lies in the Konkan region. Being the most popular coastal holiday destination in India, Goa is the perfect place to explore on a yacht…


Mumbai, often referred as “the city of dreams” for all the right reasons, is a place that every traveller must visit. Mumbai presents a unique experience that is unmatched to any other destination. Capital city of Maharashtra state, Mumbai is the city of aspirations, power, wealth, glamour and nightlife along with stretches of shimmering beaches, caves, magnificent architecture, religious sites and a mouth-watering cuisine. With all this exciting and varied recreational opportunities Mumbai tourism offers a wholesome holiday experience.


Best described as a microcosm of modern Asia, Singapore is a melting pot of culture and history, and an extravaganza of culinary delights. Officially known as the Republic of Singapore, it is both a city and a country located in Southeast Asia. One of Asia’s most visited destinations, Singapore is best described as an amalgam of a fast-paced life and an off-the-back-street inheritance.


With rich history dating back to the beginning of time Sri Lanka is breathtaking beautiful, featuring 1,300 km of sublime beaches, and an incredibly diverse marine life, it is best discovered onboard a yacht ; from swimming with the whales in Trincomalee or indulging in the renowned Ayurveda wellness treatments onboard, you will be enamoured…


Indulge in the sights and sounds of India as your cruise along the west coast from the backwaters of Cochin to sunny Goa following the path of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama. Be prepared to be spellbound by the numerous forts, the warmth of the coastal towns as you explore incredible India; a visit to the Andamans is an unforgettable experience best discovered onboard a yacht.