About Us

Oceanaire, an unique yachting experience provider, specialising in luxury yacht charters, has been set up by three intrepid personalities, Karanpal Singh of Hunch Ventures – a business leader with an acute analytical sense, Amit Dutta of Luxury Hues – the leading light of the Indian luxury business and Gautama Dutta of Marine Solutions – pioneer of the yachting industry in India.

Oceanaire’s clientele includes those who seek a unique luxurious blue sea getaway with white glove service. For every charter booked through Oceanaire, the guest gets to deal with one person from start to finish. The company focusses on its intimate knowledge of the yachts presented and offers a personalised, yet global service that includes some exclusive “off-the-market” yachts where the guest is always at the centre.

The Oceanaire experience is a very special one, in the most beautiful locations in world, where you can anchor in a bay of your own. So, you get to choose where your next yachting holiday break will be. The azure waters of the Maldives? Festive Goa? Seychelles, jewel of the Arabian Sea? The stunning Koh Hong lagoon? Or maybe you seek the sublime Mediterranean locations?

Let our team take charge!

Our Team